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America’s Best Defense Is Training and More Training

Despite concerted efforts by law enforcement authorities and the criminal justice system, costly crimes such as burglary and muggings still still take place far too often in communities everywhere. If you have found yourself in a position where you are confronted by a mugger or a thief with intent to harm, you may suddenly discover the importance of self-defense. While violence is never the first resort, in some cases, there is little one can do but to fight back. In the heat of the moment, it can be quite difficult to summon up the self-defense training that you have learned though.

The only way to actually to identify how one would truly react in such a confrontation is to experience it first-hand. Many experts in martial arts and self-defense have commented that with constant and dedicated practice, self-defense eventually turns into “muscle memory” and “automatic reflex.” Self-defense training through practical application of martial arts yields many benefits to students of all ages, genders, goals, and backgrounds.


It goes without saying that the primary benefit of self-defense training is the increased safety and security of yourself and your loved ones. Unlike going to the gym or performing cardio exercises, self-defense training focuses on particular situations in which individuals are against the odds. Participants will learn how to handle criminals who threaten them with superior strength, numbers, or weapons in a variety of practical means. Sometimes using speed and space to gain advantage in a confrontation is all that is required to make an escape from harm.


Another important aspect that self-defense training builds in individuals is confidence. Living in fear of what could happen to you on the streets after the sun goes down is hardly a way to live at all. While some precautions need to be taken, learning self-defense training will boost your own confidence levels and allow you to go about your life with this fear diminished.


Finally, self-defense training is not solely about situational encounters. In order for you to perform certain skills and techniques, you will need to be physically capable as well. Self- defense training involves a number of exercises that help individuals build their strength, agility, and balance so that bodies and minds are both prepared to perform the required actions. During self-defense training, attentive teachers will identify aspects of your physical ability that could potentially be your weaknesses and look to help you improve upon them over time.